‘Taiwan has remained a marginal player in the dispute. It has been unsuccessful in its attempts to be included in multilateral mechanisms aimed at managing or resolving disputes, such as the ongoing code of conduct negotiations.’

The New York Times, 20 May 2018

‘While the violence [in the Rakhine State] cannot stop without the cooperation of security forces, Suu Kyi should not be given a free pass either.’

Reuters, 23 November 2017

‘[Trump’s APEC speech in Vietnam was the] latest nail his administration has driven into the multilateral trading system, which countries regard as instrumental to the region’s growth and development.’

Bloomberg, 14 November 2017

‘Asia has for decades been insecure about US commitment to the region. But this insecurity takes place in a very different context today. China is stronger and more assertive than before. It will be important for President Trump to demonstrate personal commitment to a region worried about alliances and partnerships coming undone at whim and fancy.’

The Straits Times

‘If Trump withdraws the United States from the TPP, as he has promised to do, and undermines long term alliances and partnerships, then this paves the way for countries like China to take up the mantle of global leadership. … A Trump administration’s weak or ineffectual defence of interests and principles in the South China Sea would lead to a gradual erosion of international law, which would be in no country’s interests.’

South China Morning Post, 18 December 2016

‘As China grows in strength as a maritime power, Beijing might realize that the country’s interests are best protected by upholding rather than undermining the [U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea].’

The Associated Press
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